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The purpose of the Direct Selling Education Foundation is to engage, equip and empower educators to provide students with an accurate understanding of the direct selling industry as a powerful go-to-market strategy, distribution model and entrepreneurial option, and to teach the correct principles of direct selling.

To further support our overall mission, DSEF partners with professors and educators, primarily at the collegiate level, who are interested in including direct selling as a topic in their various curricula. We provide teaching content for educators and classrooms alike to facilitate this process. The Foundation also funds and sponsors direct selling-related research, often conducted by DSEF Fellows. And we host Campus Events throughout the year, which include classroom visits by direct selling company executives through our Speakers Bureau.

The Direct Selling Education Foundation works to ensure that direct selling will remain a vibrant and productive an industry for the future. These DSA Supplier companies have done their part in contributing to the DSEF and joining in its mission of educating students and the public on direct selling, as well as helping to produce valuable industry research.

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DSEF Red Ribbon Contributors

The Direct Selling Education Foundation values its Red Ribbon Contributors! Each year, DSEF recognizes DSA Supplier Member Companies that contribute $500 or more with a Red Ribbon. Contributions from DSA Supplier Members shows strong commitment to the direct selling industry by funding the DSEF programs that engages and educates the public on the ways direct selling empowers individuals, supports communities and strengthens economies worldwide.

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