Innovation in Back Office/Sales Support Technology

General Criteria:

Successful entries in this category will demonstrate excellence in the innovative use of technology to support their back office, salesforce, and customers.


Winning entries will:

  • Illustrate the salesforce benefits of the program or tool through specific examples.

  • Clearly describe the objective or need for the technology.

  • Describe the development process involved in creating the concept.

  • Outline the goals and outcomes related to the program or tool.

  • Show that the technology is novel or unique or improves upon an existing technology.

  • Illustrate how the elements of the program demonstrate a creative approach to the issue, situation or problem addressed.

  • Describe the metrics for success, as well as the process used to evaluate success.

  • Provide data regarding how this program impacted the company’s sales, recruiting and/or reputation.

  • Show that the results of the program support the objective or need.

Jennifer Dunleavey