Marketing/Sales Campaigns

General criteria:

Successful entries will demonstrate excellence, creativity and innovation in effective outreach to key audiences. Entrants are encouraged to highlight ways in which the program addresses the needs of diverse populations, be they ethnic, motivational, generational, etc.

Winning entries will:

  • Describe the specific project or campaign, including the initial goals and objectives.

  • Illustrate original thinking in creative idea generation and execution.

  • Show that strategic thinking with relation to the business need, target audience and/or business environment was used.

  • Evaluate the success of the project or campaign in terms of the initial goals and objectives.

  • Provide quantifiable results that illustrate the success of the project or campaign.

  • Describe how quality pre- and post-launch work was completed.


Social Media/Online - How is your company helping your sales organization leverage social media and the internet to build their businesses or enhance their effectiveness?

Promotions & Launches - How has your company used innovative product launches or business promotions enhance sales? A successful product, promotion or program launch is one that has maximum buy-in and participation from your salesforce. How have you innovativelyand effectively engaged your sales organization in a recent launch initiative?

Jennifer Dunleavey