General criteria:

The DSA Partnership Award recognizes Supplier companies that provide a product or service that has had a measurable impact on the growth or development of a direct selling member company or increases the profitability of a member. The judges are looking for a sustained relationship between the supplier community and active members.

Winning companies will:

  • Have at least 5 years tenure as a Supplier Partner of the DSA. 

  • Not have won the Partnership Award in the past 10 years (past winners listed below).

  • Show how your company has established an ongoing relationship with one or more direct selling companies. Describe the partnerships in detail, and show how these partnerships have contributed to the companies’ growth and/or success.

  • If the project or program represents a short-term project or crisis support, describe the planning and execution of the project. Include how the goals of the project were defined and achieved, and what short- and long-term benefit the company realized, and if the relationship continued beyond the specific project.

  • Entrants must be nominated by three DSA member companies. Additional nominations will not be accepted. The nominations  should describe the nature of the partnership and provide specific examples of the contributions and results provided by the supplier partner company.

The Partnership Award Entry Process:

  • Complete the Entry Form.

  • Be nominated by three direct selling member companies. Nominating companies must be members of the DSA.

  • Entry form and all three nominations are due by midnight ET on April 12th, 2019.

Judging process:

Partnership Award entries are evaluated by a panel of judges representing a variety of disciplines. Experts from both inside and outside the direct selling community serve on the panel.

  • The partnership represents a sustained relationship with DSA member companies.

  • The impact of the relationship on the direct selling company is clearly documented and described.

  • The letter(s) of endorsement clearly describe the support provided and the impact of the Supplier’s participation as it relates directly to the company.

Jennifer Dunleavey