Vision for Tomorrow

General Criteria:

Successful entries will illustrate how a specific project or program made an impact beyond the bottom line. Has your company helped to increase awareness of the direct selling industry, best business practices, consumer protection, or high standards of ethics in business? Has your company worked to improve the lives of those in its community - whether it's a local community or one on the other side of the globe?

Winning entries will:

  • Describe the project or program, with a specific emphasis on the audience or demographic that will be reached or otherwise impacted

  • Address the anticipated long-term impact.

  • Provide information about future or ongoing efforts related to the project or program

  • Illustrate that your company invests monetary resources in the program.

  • Illustrate that your company invests human resources in the program.

  • Provide specific data regarding the level of involvement from your corporate executives and/or the salesforce.

  • Clearly identify and describe the impact on the target community. 

Jennifer Dunleavey