What's Your Social Media Voice? - 201–202

You’re doing everything right in social media marketing: you’ve got buy-in from bosses, a strategy for success and your ROI is all figured out.  But if you don’t have a brand voice, you’ll never get from mediocre to amazing. We all know that a social media voice gives a brand a chance to develop a personality and style all its own.  But what is your voice—is it hip, communal, playful, educational, sophisticated, fun, irreverent, inspirational, helpful or a million other adjectives? So how do you find your brand’s voice?

This session will explore:

  • Culture – how your corporate culture’s hallmarks can be uniquely represented in social media

  • Community – how your community communicates on social media and how to find the right social media tone

  • Social Media Channel – how to change to a brand personality that is comfortable, conversational and relatable, and entices your audience to engage in a way that optimizes any social media platform