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Academic Insights You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Get the latest direct selling insights from three of DSEF’s academic Fellows.

In this session, you’ll learn what researchers have found to be the most compelling set of motivators for Hispanic entrepreneurs, as well as new research on the effectiveness—or lack of effectiveness—of home parties, digital parties, online sales, websites and other channels.

You’ll also hear how new case studies, textbooks and research on women and entrepreneurship is mainstreaming direct selling by demonstrating the power of the channel and its ability to empower women personally and professionally.

  • Dr. Victoria Crittenden, Professor and Marketing Division Chair, Babson University

  • Dr. Caroline Glackin, Assistant Chair, Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Fayetteville State University

  • Dr. Sandy Jap, Sarah Beth Brown Endowed Professor of Marketing, Emory University

  • Crayton Webb, Owner and CEO, Sunwest Communications

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The Forces Shaping Today’s Meetings and Events

In the world of hotels and conference centers, occupancy, revenue-per-available room, average daily rates and demand are exceeding the long-term average growth rate. While positive for conference centers and hotels, today’s meeting planner faces an increasingly competitive market climate. When coupled with a range of issues—room piracy, cyber security, green meetings and health and wellness—it is clear that the world of meetings has never been more complex. 

Join this session to:

  • Identify ways to optimize your relationships with hotels as well as your key stakeholders

  • Explore the internal and external forces that continue pressuring meeting design and meeting dissemination

  • Discuss how we no longer have attendees, but rather meeting participants

  • Gain a better understanding of the economic environment and how structural changes will have an impact in 2019 and beyond 

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What's Your Social Media Voice?

You’re doing everything right in social media marketing: you’ve got buy-in from bosses, a strategy for success and your ROI is all figured out.  But if you don’t have a brand voice, you’ll never get from mediocre to amazing. We all know that a social media voice gives a brand a chance to develop a personality and style all its own.  But what is your voice—is it hip, communal, playful, educational, sophisticated, fun, irreverent, inspirational, helpful or a million other adjectives? So how do you find your brand’s voice?

This session will explore:

  • Culture – how your corporate culture’s hallmarks can be uniquely represented in social media

  • Community – how your community communicates on social media and how to find the right social media tone

  • Social Media Channel – how to change to a brand personality that is comfortable, conversational and relatable, and entices your audience to engage in a way that optimizes any social media platform

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The DSSRC: A Bird's-Eye View on the Initial Six Months of Operation

Hear from Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council staff as they discuss observations, trends and early enforcement efforts for the direct selling channel.

This will be a collaborative conversation to help industry professionals gain insights and with an overview of how to ensure both company and salesforce communications across all platforms align with best practices.

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