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The Importance of Culture in the Age of MeToo - 301–302

Have you been wondering what the new social movements such as #metoo and Time's Up, as well as an increasing cultural focus on diversity and inclusion mean to you as a leader, to your company as a field-centric social seller, and to our industry as a whole?

In this interactive forum, we will take a practical look at the compliance & legal aspects from both a field and employee perspective. We will also assess the opportunities that are essential in surviving, thriving and setting the pace for the sustainability of our business model by providing you with specific tools and guidelines to navigate these often difficult and controversial issues.

The goal will be to leave you with tools that can bring more awareness, provide key information and create a fearless environment and culture that will positively impact your company and team’s financial and social bottom line.

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Academic Insights You Can Use to Grow Your Business - 203–204

Get the latest direct selling insights from three of DSEF’s academic Fellows.

In this session, you’ll learn what researchers have found to be the most compelling set of motivators for Hispanic entrepreneurs, as well as new research on the effectiveness—or lack of effectiveness—of home parties, digital parties, online sales, websites and other channels.

You’ll also hear how new case studies, textbooks and research on women and entrepreneurship are mainstreaming direct selling by demonstrating the power of the channel and its ability to empower women personally and professionally.

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Driving Your Business With Data - 301–302

The relationship between technology and strategy is inseparable from the role of creating meaningful solutions to business problems.  Today, technology is a central part of strategic thinking at all levels.  Learn valuable insights gained over decades of experience on both the corporate and supplier side of direct selling; including how to develop a roadmap for achieving strategic goals for recruiting, sales and operational efficiency.  When you leverage technology to execute your strategy, you create the ideal environment for profitability and growth. During this workshop, you will receive the three keys that will unlock a new level of success for your company and representatives.

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The DSSRC: A Bird's-Eye View on the Initial Six Months of Operation - Lone Star H

Hear from Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council staff as they discuss observations, trends and early enforcement efforts for the direct selling channel.

This will be a collaborative conversation to help industry professionals gain insights and with an overview of how to ensure both company and salesforce communications across all platforms align with best practices.

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How to Engage with Third Parties - 201–202

In today's world of two-way communications, technology has ignited stark changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. Gone are the Mad Men days when communicators had a captive audience of consumers eager to soak up our brand’s vision of the American Dream. 

Today’s consumer does not want to be sold to: they want to be engaged, educated and even entertained. To meet this new demand, brands are engaging with surrogates—third-party voices—to demonstrate that they are credible, respected, popular and worthy of consumers’ business.

This workshop will explore how to use third-party voices to enhance the trust and transparency that sharpen your competitive edge among consumers.  We will also delve into how to maximize the range of third-party voices—media coverage, endorsements and other recognition—can carry an enormous amount of clout and credibility.

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