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Incentives: The Behavioral Science of Direct Selling Performance - 301–302

Rational economic theory might have us believe that cash is the king of all motivators. More money equals more effort, right? A deeper understanding of human behavior, however, reveals surprising insights into what truly motivates us to unleash the potential of our sales network.

Join Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer of Maritz, for an exclusive first look at the results of a field study, which leveraged cutting-edge AI modeling techniques to analyze the incentive structure and performance of a large multinational direct selling organization. The results shed light on the optimal strategies for direct selling performance—and the surprising ways our brains can get in the way of our own success.

Grounded in social psychology and behavioral economics, this talk on behavior and motivation will help us shift our perception of direct selling incentives, from transactional to social, identifying actionable insights for ultimate agent motivation.

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