Competing with Gigs and eCommerce: The Age of Personalization - 203–204

This session will examine the question, “What are sophisticated ecommerce and gig companies doing to get and keep people that DS companies are not?”  The answer is personalization.

Participants will learn:

  • How Amazon, Uber, Netflix and others use the same type of data direct selling companies already have to drive sales from customers, engagement from independent reps and greater retention from both.

  • What top direct selling companies are doing to bring more personalized experiences to customers and distributors

  • The results of a behavioral analysis of 15 million distributors and customers in 85 countries

  • A deeper view into segmenting your field and customers.

  • How leveraging  these segments gives us the ability to create more personalized and effective:

    • Training

    •  Events

    • Communications

    • Promotions

    • Retention strategies

Discover the hidden competitive advantage direct selling companies have, but few are using—an advantage with the potential to make direct selling one of the most competitive and attractive models in the world.