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Opportunities & Challenges Facing Retail and Direct Selling

The new Congress and state legislatures have been passing a wide variety of laws that will impact direct selling—independent contractor status, data security and tax collection have been at the top of the list among many legislative priorities. Join experts on the front line of these policy discussions, from the broad business community and retail and direct selling sectors, to find out how these issues could impact your business.

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Competing with Gigs and e-Commerce: The Age of Personalization

This session will examine the question, “What are sophisticated e-commerce and gig companies doing to get and keep people that DS companies are not?”  The answer is personalization.

Participants will learn:

  • How Amazon, Uber, Netflix and others use the same type of data direct selling companies already have to drive sales from customers, engagement from independent reps and greater retention from both.  

  • What top direct selling companies are doing to bring more personalized experiences to customers and distributors.

  • The results of a behavioral analysis of 15 million distributors and customers in 85 countries.

  • A deeper view into segmenting your field and customers. 

  • How leveraging  these segments gives us the ability to create more personalized and effective:

    • Training

    •  Events

    • Communications

    • Promotions

    • Retention strategies

Discover the hidden competitive advantage direct selling companies have, but few are using—an advantage with the potential to make direct selling one of the most competitive and attractive models in the world. 

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Incentives: The Behavioral Science of Direct Selling Performance

Rational economic theory might have us believe that cash is the king of all motivators. More money equals more effort, right? A deeper understanding of human behavior, however, reveals surprising insights into what truly motivates us to unleash the potential of our sales network.

Join Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer of Maritz, for an exclusive first look at the results of a field study, which leveraged cutting-edge AI modeling techniques to analyze the incentive structure and performance of a large multinational direct selling organization. The results shed light on the optimal strategies for direct selling performance—and the surprising ways our brains can get in the way of our own success.

Grounded in social psychology and behavioral economics, this talk on behavior and motivation will help us shift our perception of direct selling incentives, from transactional to social, identifying actionable insights for ultimate agent motivation.

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How to Engage with Third Parties

In today's world of two-way communications, technology has ignited stark changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. Gone are the Mad Men days when communicators had a captive audience of consumers eager to soak up our brand’s vision of the American Dream. 

Today’s consumer does not want to be sold to: they want to be engaged, educated and even entertained. To meet this new demand, brands are engaging with surrogates—third-party voices—to demonstrate that they are credible, respected, popular and worthy of consumers’ business.

This workshop will explore how to use third-party voices to enhance the trust and transparency that sharpen your competitive edge among consumers.  We will also delve into how to maximize the range of third-party voices—media coverage, endorsements and other recognition—can carry an enormous amount of clout and credibility.

  • Dr. Anne Coughlan, Polk Bros. Chair in Retailing & Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

  • John Kloosterman, Manager, Amway Brand, Amway

  • Scentsy, Inc. Senior Executive

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The State of Direct Selling, Future of Retail, and How Direct Selling Can Best Compete

This session will dive into key findings from DSA’s 2019 Growth & Outlook market-sizing survey. More specifically, this session will provide actionable insight into how we can better compete with ecommerce companies for sales and attract the new generations of direct sellers to the channel in an increasingly competitive labor market.

DSA Industry Research Committee members will bring the results to life by sharing insights and perspective on trends they’re seeing at their companies and in the industry.

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