Dr. Stefanie Boyer, Associate Professor, Marketing, Bryant University

Dr. Stefanie Boyer is a sales and negotiations coach, with a successful track record helping organizations refine their strategy to improve sales performance at both the company and individual level.

Dr. Boyer leads Bryant University’s sales program, which has been recognized by the Sales Education Foundation as a top university for sales education and training. She is also the Director of the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition (NISC), a highly regarded competition that links top sales organizations with top sales talent, and has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal.  

Dr. Boyer received the prestigious AMA Sales Educator of the Year Award in August. She has been recognized by the National Conference of Sales Management for her innovative approach to individual sales training, process strategy, and adaptability coaching, and has successfully trained more than 1,200 people in the fields of technology, financial services, energy, sports, medicine, wellness, beauty, construction, food and beverage, engineering, and power plant design. By following her innovative process with a focus on adaptability, Dr. Boyer brings unique and valuable experience to organizations looking to build and maintain their client base.