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Joan Hartel Cabral, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Vantel Pearls

Joan’s story begins over 30 years ago, on a trip to Hawaii where she first experienced an oyster opening. She said, “It took my breath away. I was so awed by the pure magic of it!!!”

She brought the business idea back to Massachusetts and opened a small seaside store in Martha’s Vineyard.  Looking for flexibility to raise a family while running a business, Joan transitioned Vantel Pearls to direct sales, opening the way for thousands of Consultants to join her in the magic of oyster openings, genuine pearls, beautiful jewelry, and meaningful entrepreneurship.

From simple beginnings to a $40 million-plus direct selling company, Vantel Pearls was an early adopter of social media pearl parties.  For 3 decades, Vantel Pearls has brought people together to share in the fun of opening real oysters to reveal a genuine pearl (or two!) in each and every oyster.  Imagine the thrill of finding a white, cream, pink, blue or even a black pearl for a piece of jewelry you or someone special will treasure for a lifetime.

At the core of Vantel Pearls are eight guiding principles. Joan composed these “Treasured Gems” in the early years of Vantel Pearls to ensure that Vantel Pearls remained true to its values.  They have been a key factor in the amazing success of the company.  For the Consultants, the Home Office Team, the vendors and organizations that Vantel Pearls chooses to align with…all are guided by these values.

Vantel Pearls thrives on giving back to numerous charitable organizations that help improve our communities and individuals’ lives.  Central causes include eradicating domestic violence, breast cancer research, awareness for autism and developmental disabilities.

Joan feels when we focus on positivity and gratitude, we attract miracles.  She is an inspiration to women (and few great men!) across the nation. She has helped thousands with personal development and financial independence. Her warm energy fills a room and helps everyone believe in limitless possibilities!