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Heidi Leist, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lemongrass Spa Products

When Lemongrass Spa Founder, Heidi Leist, was pregnant with her daughter she began reading labels on her skincare, makeup and bath products and realized there were many toxins in nearly everything she was using.

On a mission to find safer products she started creating her own bath crystals and tub teas. She and a friend hosted a girls’ night out and showed women how to make their own natural bath crystals. It was that fun-filled evening that inspired Heidi to create more products and eventually provide spa experiences for women across the county.

Heidi and her mother, Karen, worked together to create products in Leist's home when the company first got started in the mountain town of Bailey, Colorado. Soon thereafter, Heidi’s husband, Bryan, quit his IT job to oversee software, accounting and commissions.

Heidi’s commitment to safe products and empowering families with a lucrative business is what fueled double digit growth each year. Celebrating 15 years, Lemongrass Spa has expanded its operations in Tarpon Springs, Florida and has maintained customer service and soap production in Pine, Colorado.

The company has been named to the Top 100 Women Owned Companies and Top Manufacturing Companies in Colorado for several years. Lemongrass Spa is a member of the PETA Cruelty Free organization. Each year thousands of foot kits are sent to members of our active military overseas through our Freedom Feet Fundraiser and local heroes are gifted with a Honor a Hero kit. Loving Care Gift Sets are sent to hundreds of cancer patients every October and other non-profit foundations including Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House are included in fundraising efforts.