Monday, June 18

Bank 1 - 11:00 a.m. - Noon

Trends: How do People Work? How Do People Shop?

Jumpstart Your Business by Capitalizing on New Workforce and Consumer Trends


How can direct selling compete with e-commerce giants for customers and with the collaborative economy for salesforce members? Gain insights into GfK’s consumer research database of essential shopping and workforce trends and their implications for the direct selling industry.

This workshop will focus on shifts in work trends, the U.S. workforce and on selling to consumers. GfK will also present an update on its famous “values” research.

The session will provide context for this afternoon’s business intelligence session where the direct selling growth and outlook numbers will be revealed.

San Diego Ballroom B

Jeffrey Kaufman Ph.D.

Director, Customer and Field Insights

Isagenix International

Eric Wagatha

Senior Vice President

GfK Custom Research, LLC

Monica Wood

Vice President, Global Consumer and Member Insights

Herbalife Nutrition

Leading the Transformation of an Iconic Brand

Avon Chief Executive Officer Scott White will walk attendees through the transformation of this 130-year old iconic brand.  Following its separation from Avon Products, Inc. in 2016, New Avon became a privately-held company, majority-owned and managed by Cerberus.

DSA Executive Vice President Adolfo Franco will interview Scott to reach deep into this new beginning for Avon and share the journey with you.  Gain insights into questions such as:

  • How is the company making smart investments to deliver the best and most rewarding experience for its Avon Representatives?
  • How is New Avon embracing their heritage as a leader in the direct selling industry, while building a modern, contemporary company of the future?
  • How are you leading the company to fulfill its vision to be the #1 social selling company in North America – for your Representatives, your employees and other key stakeholders?

San Diego Ballroom A

Adolfo Franco

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Direct Selling Association

Scott White

Chief Executive Officer

New Avon LLC

Unlocking The Power of Story

What’s your story? What’s your organization’s story? Building a culture of storytellers serves as fuel for your organization and better equips distributors to share your business opportunity and promote your products and/or services.  However, effective storytelling doesn’t start with the distributors, it starts with leadership, it starts with you.  Come discover a simple framework for finding, developing and choosing the right stories for advocating and promoting your direct selling organization and brand.  

Grand Ballroom 4

Andy Henriquez

Strategic Storytelling Expert

The Social Selling Revolution

Today’s direct selling companies exist in a world that is more dynamic than that which we ever previously known: while some of the brands are gravitating toward what some call the “revolution of social selling,” others continue to build the world-class brands based on individual, person-to-person interaction that no technology will ever replace.

No matter our differences, one essential fact remains: we have a great story to tell, and it is this story of empowerment that not only makes our brands unique but also shows the world what direct selling is.

This session will arm communicators and marketers with the practical messages that have been proven through research to be universally effective in reaching the audiences we all want to reach, from distributors and consumers to media, government officials and more. Attendees will learn how to marry their branding with optimal messaging strategies that not only empowers and inspires their field but also reaches beyond our companies to build to the broader understanding of direct selling.

Grand Ballroom 3

Kim Drabik

Manager - Industry and Shareholder Relations


Kara Schneck

Nu Skin Enterprises

Crayton Webb

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Sunwest Communications

A New Vision of Ethics and Self-Regulation

DSA’s existing self-regulation program is the foundation of bold new initiatives through 2019. These include an anticipated partnership with independent third-party organizations to ensure a more robust, comprehensive, and transparent consumer protection effort. Members of a working group comprised of DSA member company executives will discuss progress on the program such as product and earnings representations, identification of relevant best practices from other self-regulatory models, and creation of a process that monitors and enforces these standards.

Grand Ballroom 2

Thomas Cohn

Interim General Counsel

New Avon LLC

Pamela Jones Harbour

Senior Vice President and Legal Officer, Global Member Compliance and Privacy

Herbalife Nutrition

Joseph Mariano


Direct Selling Association

Tyler Whitehead

President, Americas & Pacific Region

Nu Skin Enterprises

Engaging Policymakers to Support Direct Selling

Educating and engaging policymakers and their staffs face-to-face is what delivers legislative success. Corporate executives and the field can be instrumental to convey that decisions made in Washington, DC and state capitols impact over 20 million Americans. Hear from elected officials and their high-ranking staff members on how, when and where to engage their offices.

Grand Ballroom 1

Chris MacArthur

Senior Legislative Assistant

Office of Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI)

Mike Telliga

Chief of Staff

Office of Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI)

Jason Bercovitch

Jason Bercovitch

Field Representative

Office of Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA)

Now Trending in Events & Recognition

Executing meetings this year promises to be anything but business as usual. Planners will face a steep learning curve in all directions, whether it’s negotiating in a robust hotel seller’s market, keeping abreast of new technologies or providing engaging content that meets the demands of today’s attendees. We’ve assembled panel experts to help on a wide-range of best practices and advice for keeping your company’s conventions in the black and on track.

San Diego Ballroom C

Michael Dominguez

Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer

MGM Resorts International

Bank 2 | 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

State of Direct Selling – U.S. 2018

How can direct selling maintain relevancy in today’s marketplace? This interactive session will bring DSA Research to life through breakout exercises related to an integrated presentation of 2017-18 research findings.

In addition to unveiling new market sizing data and actionable insights from DSA’s Growth & Outlook Survey, this workshop will focus on direct selling strengths and critical points of differentiation and offer a point of view on how member companies can adapt to the shifting marketplace.

Group exercises will illuminate: What it means to me/my company.

San Diego Ballroom B

Willem Els

Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence​

Thirty-One Gifts

Melissa Lynch

General Manager, Ambassador Program

Boisset Collection

Jay Schwartz

Executive Director of Insights & Marketing Intelligence

New Avon LLC

Best Practices for RFPs

Do you wonder if you’re getting the same or better hotel rates and concessions for your meeting as the group convening next door?  How does the hotel determine whether your group business is a must-have or a pass?  A significant meeting procurement and site selection company will unlock the mystery for our audience, facilitating a live business review meeting with the hotel leadership team of Loews Coronado Bay.  Eavesdrop on the internal sell as the hotel’s sales manager presents real meeting RFPs to their revenue director, conference services director, and director of sales. You’ll uncover how your meeting RFP is evaluated and measured, including insider tips on what information to include to capture a sensational deal in a seller’s market.

San Diego Ballroom C

Jennifer Settle

Managing Director


Alisha White, CMP

Associate Regional Vice President


Creating Positive Field Dynamics (CEO Case Study)

Zig Ziglar said it best: the major distributor to joy-filled team dynamics and high productivity is “stinkin’ thinkin’.” Learn how a leading direct selling nutritional enterprise balances the feelings and relationship of their top leaders to create optimal field dynamics. They’ll also share how they deal with the typical bumps in the road and overcome negativity in what that keep retention and sales on a steady increase.

San Diego Ballroom A

Kevin Guest

Chief Executive Officer

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Social Media Channels, Our Best-in-Class Brands, and Raising All Ships

Every member company works tirelessly to build best-in-class brands that position products and the direct selling opportunity in the most competitive light. So much of what we do to raise our brands for consumers is what shapes the hearts and minds of legislators and policymakers.

This workshop will challenge and engage every attendee to explore strategies for leveraging our collective branding initiatives – both the industry’s and our companies’ – in a way that advances the direct selling industry’s reputation and secures its thriving future.

In a truly participatory format, attendees will discuss and collaborate with the goal of identifying the common ground between companies’ brand building initiatives and direct selling’s current efforts to reach influencers. We will also begin to build solutions for finding new ways to collaborate and harness the potential of our collective voices.

Grand Ballroom 3

Brian Bennett

Senior Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy

Direct Selling Association

Lindsay Bomar

Senior Communications Manager

AdvoCare International, LP

Cindy Droog, APR

Head of Marketing, Amway North America

Amway North America


Erica Farage

Vice President, Political Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

International Franchise Association

Effective Compliance to Support Your Distributors

Distributors promote a company’s products and their business through a variety of digital platforms.

It is one of the best ways to tell potential customers and distributors about positive experiences. Most companies have corporate guidelines and training for how to promote these products and opportunities in a manner that is consistent with federal and state laws.

But what happens when people don’t follow these rules? Compliance teams work with the legal and sales departments to continuously educate the salesforce on conveying this message. Hear what strategies can be used to educate the salesforce and how to respond if there is a problem.

Grand Ballroom 1

Joseph Aquilina

Ethics & Compliance Counsel

Direct Selling Association

Bernadette Chala

Chief Legal Officer

Arbonne International, LLC

Eric Marchant

Vice President Compliance & Assistant General Counsel

LifeVantage Corporation

Kristina Swift

Vice President of Sales, North America

Isagenix International

Improving Distributor Success with Artificial Intelligence Tools

Why do some distributors never reach their goals? Why do some never get past the first step? Providing training and content isn’t enough. Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to empower every distributor, put money in their hands faster and create earlier engagement. This workshop will help you understand how artificial intelligence can impact your entire organization and what it takes to implement this technology.

Grand Ballroom 4

Yak Gertmenian

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Gig Economy Group

Darren Jensen

President and Chief Executive Officer

LifeVantage Corporation

Tuesday, June 19th

Bank 3 | 11:00 a.m. - Noon

Adapting and Thriving

Medifast is transforming its multichannel business into a new integrated business model. Join this conversation as its CEO shares how Take Shape for Life’s long-standing brand promise has come to life in a new brand, OPTAVIA. Hear firsthand stories on the lessons learned along the way and how the OPTAVIA brand is inspiring OPTAVIA Coaches in entirely new ways.  Join as we explore how this company’s successful integrated model has catapulted them into a new growth trajectory.

San Diego Ballroom A

Dan Chard

Chief Executive Officer


Why Recognition Is Your Business

Recognition is central to creating pride among the members of our salesforce, but what is it, really? This session will explore basic questions about recognition including:

  • What is Recognition?
  • The Experience of Recognition
  • What Should Be Recognized?
  • Budgeting For Recognition

The session will also explore ideas that work for driving results including:

  • Contests vs. Incentives
  • Are Contests Good Or Bad?
  • A Review Of 12 Behaviors
  • Steps To Design A Contest Or Incentive

The session will also discuss issues including:

  • Eliminating Compensation Plan Problems
  • Warning Signs of a Recruiting Culture In Trouble
  • Common Recognition Mistakes
  • Why Recognition is So Important

Grand Ballroom 4

Debra Fisser

Sales Vice President

AdvoCare International, LP

Jay Leisner


Sylvina Consulting

Top Nine IP Tips to Strengthen Revenues and Reputations Online

Direct selling companies are continually struggling with a variety of intellectual property and brand protection challenges. The internet took these challenges and exponentially grew them.  From an abundance of unauthorized sellers to record numbers of patents being filed year after year, technology mixes unprecedented levels of possibility and pitfalls.  The panel will provide tips for direct selling companies to tackle these seemingly daunting and time-consuming tasks.

Grand Ballroom 1

Andrea Gregg

Senior Counsel

AdvoCare International, LP

Michael LaClare

Associate General Counsel

Isagenix International

Adam Sherman


Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

John Thomas


Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Enhancing Consumer Protection and Our Business

Chief Legal officers from leading direct selling companies will discuss a variety of legal and policy updates from regulators, policymakers and DSA. Practitioners will explain their views and interpretations on these topics as well as what these developments could mean for direct selling as a business and industry. Topics will include:

  • January 2018 Federal Trade Commission Business Guidance Concerning Multi-Level Marketing
  • Update on class action lawsuits in direct selling
  • Court rulings on independent contractor status

Grand Ballroom 2

Matt Dorny

Vice President, General Counsel

Nu Skin Enterprises

Joshua Foukas

Executive Vice President of Legal

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Jason Groves

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


Allison Levy

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

AdvoCare International, LP

Jeremy Smuckler

Vice President of General Counsel, Corporate and Global Markets

ACN, Inc.

Tools & Tech to Drive Event Engagement

When used to its full advantage technology can drive attendee participation and garner real-time feedback as your meeting unfolds. Your conferences and events are a platform for connection opportunities – make sure they’re fully enabled to help your attendees break through their daily distractions and focus on the messages you want them to receive. Attend this session to learn how leading direct selling company planners are maximizing the potential of exciting technology. Learn what’s working, cost-effective and keep your attendees coming back for more.

San Diego Ballroom C

Alex Rolfe

Senior Director, Event Solution Sales Team

Cvent, Inc.

Andy Rouhafzai

Senior Sales Executive, Event Solutions

Cvent, Inc.

Driving Marketing Success: What’s Working with Video and Social Media Today

There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years: views of branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. On Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet. If you haven’t taken a closer look at the power of social media and video together, you’re in for a surprise. This session will explore what is working for direct selling companies that have found significant success using video to drive not only social media engagement but also sales.  Practical “How-To’s” that will be shared include:

  • Using video to “go big” in a short amount of time
  • Understanding the power of silent videos and conveying your message when the volume is turned off
  • Going beyond demos and getting to what people most care about
  • How to get a bump that doesn’t break the bank
  • And much more!

Grand Ballroom 3

Kirsten Aguilar

Senior Vice President of Marketing

SeneGence International

Lou Bart

Managing Partner

DeepBlue Ideation

Your Distributors as Social Media Agents, Skilled Professionals and Emerging Market Entrepreneurs

In this session, an all-star cast of academics will share new insights on how to empower your salesforce to maximize sales.

  • Find out how positive and negative sentiments exchanged on Facebook through “likes” and “shares” affect sales performance and satisfaction.
  • Learn which types of turnkey technology, training and communication are empowering direct sellers in emerging markets
  • Discover the 14 professional skills gained through the direct selling experience and how to use them to market and recruit.

San Diego Ballroom B

Haya Ajjan Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems

Elon University

Anne Coughlan Ph.D.

Polk Bros. Chair in Retailing & Prof. of Marketing

Northwestern University

Victoria Crittenden D.B.A.

Professor & Chair, Marketing Division

Babson College

Robert Peterson Ph.D.

John T. Stuart III Centennial Chair in Business Administration

University of Texas at Austin