DSA would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring this year's Workshops and Express Education from Experts sessions:

11:00 a.m. - Noon

Your Secret Weapon: Leveraging Your Sales Field for a Winning Online Reputation

Session Format : Workshop
Topic : Communications

With a proliferation of online marketers and anonymous bullies, it can be daunting to ensure that people search for your company receive clean, untarnished results. Just one negative blog post or video can drain enrollments, reduce sales and sap your field’s motivation.

What you might not know is you have a secret weapon to defending your online reputation: Your sales field.  Your field is passionate and committed, and can be your company’s best advocate online. With the right messaging, training and implementation, you can leverage the power of this online army to improve your online reputation while steering them away from well-intentioned but often harmful online “defense” of your brand.

In this fast-paced, executive session, our presenters will show you step-by-step how to educate and train your field across the globe, guide their enthusiasm and passion to do the right thing for your brand, and gain from a positive online presence for their businesses.

Celebration 9/10

Jonathan Gilliam

Chief Executive Officer

Momentum Factor

Halle Sminchak

Chief Compliance Officer

The Kirby Company

3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The Birth of a Brand: Introducing Optavia

Session Format : Express Education from Experts
Topic : Communications

Take Shape For Life® underwent a major initiative to merge its multichannel business under one brand umbrella.

Join this conversation as a senior team member walks through the reasons behind the company’s decision to undertake this change, the steps it took to create a new brand, and the process by which the new concept was launched and adopted by the field.

Learn how they’re continuing to bring Take Shape For Life’s® long-standing brand promise to life in ways ways that embrace a lifestyle driven by core values.

Windermere W

Mona Ameli


Take Shape For Life, Inc. - Medifast


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