Monday, June 5

Opening General Session - 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


Welcome Address

Listen as the DSA Annual Meeting 2017 chair welcomes you to celebrate our amazing industry that helps people around the world improve their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

John Parker

Chief Sales Officer


Industry Growth & Outlook

Make sure you are in the audience as DSA’s President unveils the top-line findings from DSA’s 2017 Growth & Outlook Survey reporting data on 2016.

Joseph Mariano


Direct Selling Association

CEO Keynote: The First Twenty Years of a Journey

Learn about Team National’s twenty year success journey including the top lessons lived such as:

  • Being a Lighthouse
  • Intentional Networking & Sharing
  • Value of Culture
  • Embracing all stages of Journey


Angela Chrysler

President and Chief Executive Officer

Team National

CEO Keynote: A Brand’s Journey – Introducing A New Avon

Look behind the scenes as this 130 year old industry icon embarks on a new beginning, including the tenets they’re holding true to and lessons being learned throughout their brand’s transformation journey.

Scott White

Chief Executive Officer

New Avon LLC

Also in this Session: United States Congressman Darren Soto (9th District of Florida)

Representative Soto will welcome attendees to Orlando and deliver remarks about the entrepreneurial opportunities of direct selling. ​

Representative Darren Soto

United States Congressman

Florida 9th District

Wired for Joy: How to Find your Joy Spot – Nine Ways to Enhance Wellbeing, Increase Sales and Boost Productivity

You were born with the capacity for joy! Science shows us that by the time you were seven, your pure ‘operating system’ of love and joy was infected with viruses, malware, apps and other people’s programs! Joy at work boosts sales by 37%, increases productivity 31%, reduces errors 18% and boosts chances of promotion 40%.

Joy matters! Your brain can be rewired for joy.  This session teaches you how. Oh yes – and how to stop stress from killing you!  And how to find your joy spot!!

This is where we will help you feel good about yourself – which is the essence of wellness and changes the way you interact with everyone else. It’s great for energizing the whole group, de-stressing and reframing the way individuals view change.

This session will have you rolling around laughing while you learn about the importance of ‘the joy spot’ – the place where neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology intersect!

Gore will cover the latest new science of stress – which will not only show you how to reduce the impact of stress, but also how to change your reactions to it permanently!

Amanda Gore

Chief Executive Officer

The JOY Project

General Session 2 - 1:35 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

CEO Keynote: Turning Insights into Action

Learn how this multichannel enterprise leverages insights from its direct selling business unit to deliver improved health benefits to their end consumer across all its distribution channels.

Medifast CEO Dan Chard will share how they’re able to benchmark their four sales methods to deliver the valuable lessons they learn first-hand with their field. He’ll also share why the direct selling model creates a win for the consumer, the Health Coach and the company.

Dan Chard

Chief Executive Officer

Take Shape For Life, Inc. - Medifast

CEO Keynote: Relevancy and How to Lead Your Category

Within any dynamic market, relying on was relevant yesterday to keep you competitive today means you are sure to fall behind.  This leader will explore the importance of being relevant, what do to do remain relevant, how relevancy with your field is critical, and the ways to drive relevancy so you maintain your category leadership position.

Kevin Guest

Chief Executive Officer

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

CEO Keynote: Growth Stages of a Direct Selling Enterprise

Hear as this visionary shares the story of the growth stages of his direct selling enterprise:

  • The company’s journey through start-up, the tip, hyper growth, the dip, and growth again
  • The factors that he attributes to driving new growth
  • The expansion of a brand portfolio, and the development of new product lines

Orville Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

Scentsy, Inc.

Also in this Session: United States Congressman Marc Veasey (33rd District of Texas)

Representative Veasey will discuss his support for direct selling in Congress and the positive impact this dynamic sales channel has on his constituents. He will also discuss other policy developments that could impact direct selling, as well as provide updates from Washington, D.C.

Representative Marc Veasey

United States Congressman

Texas 33rd District

Tuesday, June 6

General Session 3 - 8:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.


CEO Keynote: Asking the Tough Questions

Is it possible to sustain revenue, profit and innovation in a fast changing environment, without leaving opportunity and growth on the table?

One can get to yes, but only after honestly answering these other questions:

  • Is your team built for fast change?
  • Is your team built for economic pressures?
  • Is your team built for tapping into Growth Opportunities?

Cindy Monroe

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thirty-One Gifts

Why Things Catch On

Word of mouth is 10 times as effective as traditional advertising, but why do people talk about and share certain things rather than others? Why do some products catch on, some ideas diffuse and some online content go viral?

Many of us have wondered why certain stories get shared, brands get more word of mouth, or videos go viral. Wharton professor Jonah Berger has spent the last decade answering these questions.

This talk will reveal the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products and policy initiatives to services and ideas within organizations.

Jonah Berger – Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania – will discuss all this, as well as the way in which research from a variety of disciplines – business, psychology, and social science – can help you harness the influences that drive individual choice.


Jonah Berger

Professor of Marketing

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Where We Are, and A Vision Forward

Session Format : Leadership Panel

DSA/DSEF leaders will engage in a discussion about the industry’s opportunities and successes in today’s marketplace, as well as what the future holds.  Moderated by DSA President Joseph Mariano, panelists will share their perspectives as company and industry leaders on the most critical issues facing direct selling today.

Traci Lynn Burton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Traci Lynn Jewelry

David Holl

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mary Kay Inc.

Joseph Mariano


Direct Selling Association

John Parker

Chief Sales Officer


Dave Wentz


Direct Selling Education Foundation

Closing General Session - 1:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

CEO Keynote: Why We Chose the Direct Selling Channel

Learn about the decisions and realizations that prompted a retailer to choose the direct selling channel.  The story of a company’s transformation is one from which all of direct selling can learn.

Jean-Charles Boisset


Boisset Collection

President’s Address

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from DSA’s President as he provides a vision forward.

Joseph Mariano


Direct Selling Association

DSA Awards 2017 – Finalist Recognition

Achieving Social Media Zen to Generate Results

Social media is no longer an optional tool but an essential part of the way that we sell, engage, communicate and connect in the Digital Age.

Whether your goal is to attract more customers, increase referrals or grow your brand, your audience is expecting to find you on social media. That means you must figure out the best ways to engage and communicate in this new ecosystem.  Although it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, you can determine the “HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHY” for your brand and a “Zen” approach that leads to more sales, engagement and results. From this keynote, you will:

  • Understand up-to-date ways to reach potential clients and customers
  • Learn ways to measure, test and achieve more ROI from your social strategy
  • Recognize digital signals and how to use them to create stronger engagement
  • Discover how to grow your brand and expertise in the Digital Age

Shama Hyder

Chief Executive Officer

The Marketing Zen Group


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