Sylvina Consulting

Jay Leisner, the president of Sylvina Consulting, is a top compensation plan and direct selling expert, a trusted adviser to new and established network marketing and party plan companies.

For 30 years, Jay has enjoyed assessing and improving party plan and network marketing companies across the globe.

Jay has spoken on compensation plans at several conferences held by the US Direct Selling Association.  He traveled to South Africa in 2015, 2016, and 2017 to conduct workshops on compensation plan design and recognition programs for member companies of the South African Direct Selling Association.  In 2017, Jay spoke at the Canadian Direct Sellers Association Meeting on the importance of recognition.

More than just a compensation plan expert, Jay is exceptionally skilled at advising companies on business strategies.  Before offering advice or solutions, he asks important questions to understand each client’s specific concerns and goals.

Jay is a great teacher.  He wrote the powerful 250-page book for new and young network marketing and party plan companies: Start Here: The Guide to Building and Growing Your Direct Selling Company.