Senior Vice President of Marketing

SeneGence International

With close to 20 years of inside experience in direct sales and the beauty industry, Kirsten manages the sales and international expansion goals of SeneGence while overseeing a growing marketing, graphic design, and public relations team. She joined SeneGence in 2009 with a focus on leading its market and brand strategies. She has seen the company through recent years of unprecedented growth and is now fully focused on taking SeneGence into the future with a complete modernization of the branding and packaging portfolio. She, along with a dedicated Executive Team, makes it a daily priority to see the SeneGence mission of empowering women around the world to live life in love and abundance through careers that really work selling innovative beauty products that really work. Kirsten holds degrees in Communication with a special certificate in Public Relations and is also a board member of the nonprofit The Make Sense Foundation.